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Davenport Institute Projects

Here you can explore public engagement projects that have taken place across the state. You can search by government level (citywide projects, regional projects, and statewide projects) or category (budgeting, housing, planning, etc). You can also sort by date, place and title.

Government Level Category
2012 Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy Update Humboldt County California Citywide  -None-
2012 Sub-Regional Climate Action Plan Western Riverside Council of Governments California County/Regional  -None-
2012 Community Recreation Councils San Francisco California Citywide  -None-
2012 Participatory Budgeting Vallejo Vallejo California Citywide  -None-
2012 City of Bell Priority Based Budgeting Bell California Citywide  -None-
2012 City of Malibu Retail Ordinance Malibu California Citywide  -None-
2011 City of San Francisco San Francisco California Citywide  -None-
2011 Calabasas OWTS Ordinance Workshop Calabasas California Citywide  -None-
2011 Goleta Old Town Park Plan Goleta California Citywide  -None-
2011 La Mesa Teen Services La Mesa California Citywide  -None-
2011 Growing Strong Neighborhoods Rancho Cordova California Citywide  -None-
2011 Closed Military Base Redevelopment Riverbank California County/Regional  -None-
2010 Humboldt Municipal Water District Humboldt Bay California Special District  -None-
2010 City of Martinez General Plan Martinez California Citywide  -None-
2010 Fairfield Prioritized Budgeting Fairfield California Citywide  -None-
2010 Santa Barbara Prioritized Budgeting Santa Barbara California Citywide  -None-
2009 Youth Programs to Reduce Gang Involvement Sutter County California Citywide  -None-
2009 Public Budgeting Prioritization Walnut Creek California Citywide Participatory Budgeting
2009 Climate Protection Dialogues Redwood City California Citywide  -None-
2009 San Diego City Charter Review San Diego California Citywide  -None-
2009 Sonoma County Prioritized Budgeting Sonoma County California County/Regional Participatory Budgeting
2009 San Pablo Ave Specific Plan Villa Park California Citywide  -None-
2009 Santa Cruz Online Budgeting Santa Cruz California Citywide Participatory Budgeting
2008 Service Prioritization - Fire Morro Bay California Citywide  -None-
2008 Service Prioritization/K12 Ripon Unified School District California Special District  -None-
2008 Planning & Service Prioritization Antioch California Citywide  -None-
2008 Planning/Land Use Hercules California Citywide  -None-
2008 Planning/Transportation and Land Use Ventura County California County/Regional  -None-
2008 Participatory Budgeting, Service Prioritization Salinas California Citywide Participatory Budgeting
2008 Brea's Service Prioritization Brea California Citywide  -None-
2008 Long-term Housing Solutions San Mateo County California County/Regional  -None-
2008 Los Angeles Participatory Budget Program Los Angeles California Citywide Participatory Budgeting
2008 General Plan Update Richmond California Citywide  -None-
2007 Health Care Reform - "CaliforniaSpeaks on Health Care Reform" California California Statewide Healthcare Policy
2007 Community Water Fluoridation San Diego California Citywide  -None-
2007 Tehachapi Interim Community Program Tehachapi California Citywide  -None-
2006 Plan to Re-Use Wastewater Treatment Facility Lincoln California Citywide  -None-
2006 Development of Downtown Access Plan Chico California Citywide  -None-
2006 Development Project Sacramento California Citywide  -None-
2006 Napa River Flood Protection and Watershed Management Plan Napa California County/Regional  -None-
2006 Master Plan for Parks, Recreation and Arts Lancaster California Citywide  -None-
2005 Morgan Hill's City Services and How to Fund Them Morgan Hill California Citywide Participatory Budgeting
2005 Citywide Policy Priorities - "SF Listens" San Francisico California Citywide  -None-
2005 Health Coverage for all Californians California California Statewide Healthcare Policy
2005 Sacramento Downtown Strategic Action Plan Sacramento California Citywide  -None-
2004 Bridge California's Disconnect (citizens/state and local government) California California Statewide  -None-
2004 Future of Housing in San Mateo - Housing Crisis San Mateo County California Citywide  -None-
2004 Future of San Diego Regional Airport San Diego California Citywide  -None-
2004 Vision Process - "Build a City" Rancho Cordova California Citywide  -None-
2003 Riverside County Integrated Planning Riverside County California Citywide  -None-
2003 Downtown Improvements Anaheim California Citywide  -None-



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