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Videos: See School of Public Policy Differently

Watch our "See Public Policy Differently" series which talks about our unique approach to public policy education.

 See Public Policy Differently from Here


Why take a liberal arts approach to your Master of Public Policy (MPP) degree? Careers in public policy involve businesses, labor associations, government entities, nonprofit groups, schools, and more. We empower our students to pursue meaningful careers that match personal and professional goals, while our James Q. Wilson Core Curriculum provides an introduction to the tools necessary for analyzing public policy, its impact on individuals and society, and methods for evaluating the costs and benefits of various policies and programs.

Pepperdine's Balanced Approach to Public Policy


The Pepperdine School of Public Policy (SPP) alumnus Troy Senik (MPP '07) explains how SPP offers a distinctive balanced conversation about the future and past of public policy.

Public Policy and Self-Governance


We raise the question about where governments and policy should be madeā€”the more local you can make it, the more your prepare citizens to be engaged.

Pepperdine and the Role of Government & Markets


Pepperdine School of Public Policy is not a traditional policy program. We like to focus on ways we can harness the power of the market, itself, to help craft policy solutions.

See Your Future Differently From Here


The Pepperdine University School of Public Policy produces exceptional alumni who are making a profound difference in all areas of policy in state/local government, the Federal government, nonprofits, foreign service, and the private-sector.