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The Pepperdine Policy Review is a student-run journal that showcases the best scholarly work of School of Public Policy students at Pepperdine University. It features articles, commentaries, opinion pieces, and book reviews that address a variety of issues from health care and national security to political philosophy.

The mission of the Pepperdine Policy Review is to publish the best scholarly research, innovative policy solutions, and insightful commentary that School of Public Policy students have to offer. This journal seeks to inform policy makers, academic researchers, and the general public of ideas that will help transform public policy debate in the U.S. and abroad. All articles are thoroughly reviewed by student editors and must meet rigorous academic standards.

ISSN (print): 2158-2572
ISSN (online): 1946-7192

Current Editorial Board

2017-2018 Editorial Board

Joshua Arnold

Managing Editor:
Jeff Longust

Publishing Editor:
Nate Barton

Online Editor:
Zachary Decker



Alyssa Barnes
Currie Dickerson
Cameron Funk
Zachary Hayes
William Humphrey
Andrew Phillips
Brandon Ristoff
Brittany Tayloe

Faculty Advisor:
Dr. James Prieger

VOLUME X - 2018

VOLUME IX - 2017




Message from the Editor
Jordan Sandler


Nets or Vaccines: Malaria Vaccine Research
David Ernenwein

Much Ado about Cyber-space: Cyber-terrorism and the Reformation of the Cyber-security
Christian Pedersen

Agricultural Patenting: A Case Study of Monsanto
Shannon Moran

Federal v. State Effectiveness: An Analysis of the Endangered Species Act and Current Potential Attempts at Reform
Nicholas Primo

Rust-Belt Recovery: The Cleveland Model as Economic Development in an Age of Economic Stagnation and Climate Change
Ross Lenihan

The Impact of Clean Energy on Economic Growth: An Econometrics Approach
Cheng Zhang

The Minimum Wage and Teen Unemployment: A Study of the Effect of the Fair Minimum Wage Act of 2007
Alexander Pino

Symposium Article

James Q. Wilson and Public Policy Education
Adam Crepelle

VOLUME VI - 2013


Message from the Editor
Amy Kennedy


A Global Blasphemy Law: Protecting Believers at the Expense of Free Speech
Kiley Widelitz

Can clean drinking water and sanitation reduce child mortality in Senegal?
Catherine Bampoky

Financial Openness and Growth: 2000-2010
Amy Kennedy

Mobile Health Technology in Developing Countries: The Case of Tanzania
Shruti Modi

No Music in Timbuktu: A Brief Analysis of the Conflict in Mali and Al Qaeda's Rebirth
Nicholas Primo

Oil Sands Extraction: Lessons From Alberta Can, and Should, Inform American Policies
Victoria Lopez

Preparing for the Inevitable: US Climate Change Preparation
David Ernenwein

Regulation of Hydraulic Fracturing of Shale Gas Formations in the United States
Fatemeh Bagheri

The Korean Conflict and the United States National Security
Matthew Smith

The Rising Digital Missile Gap: the Security Threat of the United States' Cyber Inactivity
Christian Pedersen

The Role of Health Care in a Democratic Capitalist Society
Barbi Appelquist

VOLUME V - 2012

Download the full Pepperdine Policy Review Volume V in Adobe Acrobat.


Message from the Editors
Michael Crouch and Michele Ogawa


Egypt Wrestles with Democracy: Expectations versus Realities
Melody Harvey

United States Strategy in Afghanistan from 2001 to Today
Haley Stauss

Providing Aid to Fragile or Failed States: A Short Argument for Moderation
Anthony H. Miller

The Crisis of America's Soul: How American Leaders Have Betrayed First Principles
Amy L. Kennedy

Stephen Colbert's Super PAC: A Better Tomorrow?
Shannon K. Anderson

"It's all Political, but Public Policy is Irrational"
Jaquelyn King

Citizens' Jury 2011: Combating Homelessness within the Greater Los Angeles County
Lara Arsinian

Are All R&D Dollars Created Equal?: A Look at the Effect of Federal Investment on Patent Success
Casey J. O'Neil

Estimating the Impact of Cell Phone Laws on Car Accident Fatalities
Odinakachi Anyanwu


A Memo on Social Security
Michele Ogawa

Book Review

Memoirs of a Paleo
Tulio S. de Oliveira

VOLUME IV - 2011

Download the full Pepperdine Policy Review Volume IV in Adobe Acrobat.


Message from the Editor
Alexander N. Fondrier

Student Articles

The Political and Economic Implications of the Asian Carp
Thomas Just

Given the Choice: Family Values in California's Largest School Districts
Raija Churchill

The Merida Initiative: An Effective Way of Reducing Violence in Mexico?
Sabrina Abu-Hamdeh

The Impact of the Global Financial Crisis on Sub-Saharan Africa
Odinakachi J. Anyanwu

The HOPE Worldwide Indonesia Positive-Choice Program
Jillian Kissee

Bilingual, ESL, and English Immersion: Educational Models for Limited English Proficient Students in Texas
Kelly Faltis

Here and Back Again: US National Security Interest in the Arab/Israeli Conflict
Miriam Keim


Unions Matter
John S. Thomas

Book Review

Against Gloom and Doom
Michael Crouch


VOLUME II - 2009

VOLUME I - 2008

Download the full Pepperdine Policy Review Volume I in Adobe Acrobat.


Message from the Editor
Matthew C. Piccolo


Educating Citizens: Have We Kept the Founders' Ideals for Higher Education?
Hans Zeiger

Is Going Yellow Really Going Green? A Cost-Benefit Analysis of Ethanol Production in America
Michelle Isenhouer

Mental Health Care in India: Prescribing the Right Policy
Kimberly Meltzer

Going All In: The Gamble of Globalization & European Economic Integration
Lauren S. Koffs

Alumni Feature

Standing Up for Charity: A Book Review of "Who Really Cares" by Arthur C. Brooks
Alumnus Jeffrey M. Jones of the Hoover Institution


Poking the Russian Bear: The European Missile Defense Shield
Jeremy Anderson

Corporate Environmentalists: Green Business Strategy
Danielle Bersen

Barack Obama: Same Story, New Character
Jonathan Freinberg

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Articles published in Pepperdine Policy Review do not necessarily reflect the views of the Editorial Board or the School of Public Policy. The journal is published annually and accepts submissions from current students and alumni of the School of Public Policy.