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Dr. Luisa Blanco Giving a lecture


The Pepperdine School of Public Policy is committed to constructing a vibrant community of academic and scholarly excellence in which faculty and students study, investigate, learn, and flourish together. Through research conducted by the Davenport Institute for Public Engagement and Civic Leadership, leading-edge faculty research, and annual policy research seminars, you will have limitless opportunities to become involved with scholars who conduct dynamic and internationally-recognized policy research.

Faculty-authored research and working papers feature relevant policy topics including the racial/ethnic gap in bank-account ownership, retirement saving among Hispanic women, broadband infrastructure, cigarette taxes and illicit trade, civic engagement in local communities, and violence in illicit markets.

On the pulse of thought leadership in public policy, conversations on key issues such as conservatism, religious liberty, viewpoint diversity in academia, and the US role in the world are featured in research for innovative academic programs like The American Project, as well as our premier student-run scholarly journal, Pepperdine Policy Review.



Expert Speakers on Policy and Politics

At the Pepperdine School of Public Policy we say "you'll see policy differently from here." That's not just a reference to the breathtaking views on our campus, but also to our unique perspectives on policy and politics. Our faculty and policy experts welcome speaking to your students/organization about the following topics either in person or via webinar! Download the Expert Speakers on Policy and Politics flyer.

Dean Pete Peterson

  • Viewpoint Diversity: Increasing Conservative Voices on Campus
  • How Far Left to Go? California Politics and Policy
  • Seeing the Future of Conservatism from Its Past

Dr. Luisa Blanco

  • The Links Between Financial Health and Well-Being
  • Can Government Encourage Latinos to Save?
  • What Are the Racial/Ethnic Differences in Financial Literacy?

Dr. Robert Kaufman

  • What Is the "Trump Doctrine" for American Foreign Policy?
  • Hot Spots Around the World: China, Iran, North Korea
  • The 2018 Midterms: Preview/Review
  • What's the Future of the US Supreme Court?

Dr. Ted McAllister

  • Why Conservatism is Revolutionary
  • Where Progressives Came From
  • Developing a Clearer Understanding of Justice
  • Conservatives and Republicans: Similarities and Differences

Dr. James Prieger

  • Should We Regulate the Internet?
  • Unintended Consequences: How Regulation Creates Black Markets
  • Entrepreneurship Around the Developing World: Too Little or Too Much?

Dr. Michael Shires

  • How Conservative Politics Survives Trump: Lessons from California
  • High Taxes/Low Services? California Policy: Past and Future
  • How Do We Rebuild Economic Opportunity for the Middle Class?
  • What Do You Do with an MPP? Careers in Public Policy