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Institutes and Initiatives

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American Project

The American Project has been an initiative exploring the relevance of a more "communitarian" approach to America's policy and politics. Through conferences, webinars, and written pieces, the American Project has convened a diverse group of policy experts, pundits and activists to discuss and debate these issues.

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Davenport Institute for Public Engagement and Civic Leadership

The Davenport Institute for Public Engagement and Civic Leadership builds stronger communities in California by promoting public participation in local governance. The institute works with local governments, non-profit organizations, and residents to promote and support constructive and broad-based civic involvement in decisions that affect people where they live and work.

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Education Policy and Impact

The "Education Policy and Impact" initiative based at the School of Public Policy is a multi-part initiative intended to both prepare policy leaders as it engages current policymakers in civil discussions about the future of America's education system. Launched in the fall of 2019, this program builds upon the existing work SPP has undertaken in coursework, research, and public events.

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Edwin Meese III Institute

The first program of its kind at a major graduate policy school, the new Edwin Meese III Institute serves as the new academic home for scholarship, teaching, and events focused on connecting the role of faith and America’s founding principles to today’s national policy challenges. Organizationally, the new Institute stands as the foundation of the school’s American Policy & Politics curriculum track, formed to prepare public leaders in domestic policy for careers in Washington, DC, and America’s top policy research institutions.

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Homeland Security Advisory Council at the School of Public Policy (HSAC at SPP)

The Homeland Security Advisory Council at the School of Public Policy (HSAC@SPP) is an innovative academic enterprise focusing on disaster preparedness, crisis management, and resiliency through engaging the public, private, and civic sectors. Formed in partnership with the renowned Los Angeles Homeland Security Advisory Council, HSAC@SPP is the latest addition to the School of Public Policy's robust cross-sector initiatives, positioned to prepare the current and next generation of leaders by exploring a full range of cross-sector and information technology solutions to public policy challenges.

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Project for Cross-Sector Leadership

The Cross-Sector Leadership Fellow program explores cross sector leadership roles in local, state and federal contexts. To lead in these "cross-sector" environments demands a unique set of skills as each of the areas have their own distinctive cultures, and are prone to soled approaches to policy-making. This program addresses complex challenges in a collaborative process.

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Viewpoint Diversity

Founded at a Christian University to be a different type of policy graduate program, the School of Public Policy follows a unique liberal arts approach to prepare cross-sector public leaders, who empirically understand problems and respect viewpoint diversity, religious liberty, and morality.