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The School of Public Policy is host to several noteworthy visiting scholars, public- and private-sector officials, and policy leaders, providing students the chance to interact with those responsible for shaping policy in their respective fields.

US Constitution on top of US flag

For God and Country: What Christian Nationalism Is...and Isn't

Join the School of Public Policy and Institute on Religion and Democracy as we welcome Christian scholar, political theorist, veteran, and former White House staffer Paul David Miller.

Recent Events

Robert Kaufman, Alan Dershowitz, Amy Wax Panel

Are American College Campuses 'Free Speech Zones'?

Dr. Robert Kaufman
Alan Dershowitz
Amy Wax

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Dennis Prager speaking at Pepperdine University

The Rational Bible: Exodus

Denis Prager, Founder, PragerU
A demonstration of one option for increasing engagement around the state ballot initiative.

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Three people sitting on a panel

Inaugural Cross-Sector Leadership Conference

Project for cross-sector leadership supports leaders across the government, business, and nonprofit sectors.

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Victor Davis Hanson speaking at podium

The American Project

Victor Davis Hanson
Dinner and Keynote Address: Trump—Symptom or Catalyst?

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People walking across a crosswalk

Quest for Community: Is Communitarian Conservatism Relevant in an Age of Social Distancing and Political Polarization?

Ross Douthat
Gracy Olmstead
Pete Peterson

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Glenn Loury at the podium giving a lecture

Preserving the American Project: The Bias Narrative vs. the Development Narrative

Glenn C. Loury, Professor of Economics and Merton P. Stoltz Professor of the Social Sciences, Brown University

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