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Pepperdine | School of Public Policy

What is the Sharing Wizard?

HSAC is proud to announce that SALUS and the new Sharing Wizard won IBM's Stanford Hackathon on October 10th, 2018, which was a part of IBM's Global Call for Code.

The Call for Code sought to spur innovation that saves lives. IBM—in partnership with the David Clark Cause, the United Nations Human Rights Office of the High Commissioner, the American Red Cross, and others—recognized that 2.5 billion people have been directly affected by natural disasters in the past eighteen years, alone.[1] Over the past fifteen years, natural disasters have cost society $1.5 trillion, collectively.[2] Recognizing this reality, IBM decided such immense negative externalities do not need to persist. As a result, IBM asked 22 million developers to create fresh code, which would directly lessen the cost of natural disasters and improve response techniques.

To answer the call, HSAC submitted the Sharing Wizard, 100% custom code developed in partnership with geographIT, a division of EBA Engineering. The Sharing Wizard allows SALUS users to independently make and share their maps without any technical knowledge of Geographic Information Systems (GIS). With the Sharing Wizard, users can filter their map assets and define permissions. Furthermore, as the user applies updates, the updates become immediately accessible to everyone who has been granted permission to view that map or layer. By automating the process and enabling end users to share their mapped assets, crisis managers can more quickly manage a dynamic incident, which lessens both the number of lives lost and the number of resources necessary.

As the winner, HSAC had the opportunity to present SALUS and the Sharing Wizard during California Blockchain week along with Denmark's Deputy Tech Ambassador, StarChain Ventures, Semada.io, Shyft Network, Ssnapp, Stanford University, and others. Together, representatives from each organization highlighted how their technology helps foster public-private partnerships that more effectively tackle natural disasters. The Sharing Wizard and SALUS were very well received by this innovative audience, which speaks to the need for the Sharing Wizard and SALUS fill in crisis management.


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