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HSAC Workshop

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Day 1: March 12, 2019


Leadership for the 21st Century

Jeff Eggers

What 'Real' Risk Management Is All About

Gordon Graham

Small Victories: Beating a Multi-front Disaster

Kevin McGowan


  • The Way Forward - Technology in Crisis Management
  • 7 Deadly Sins of Supply Chain Resilience
  • SALUS: Create Your Own Operating Picture

Day 2: March 13, 2019


The Next Thing: Are You Ready For It?

Mona Barnes

The Future of Emergency Management: What Are We Prepared To Do?

Denise Everhart

Creating a Culture of Leadership Before a Crisis

Ken Perlman


  • Urban Homelessness
  • Cybersecurity: A Panel Discussion
  • Post-Crisis Management & Recovery



A group of panelists talking on a mic

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Day 1: April 18, 2018


Disaster Decision Making During the Thomas Fire

Kevin McGowan

"1 October": The Las Vegas Mass Shooting

Kevin C. McMahill
Mark Kittelson

Working Lunch: The Relentless Drumbeats of 2017

Brad Kieserman


  • Mass Notification: Leveraging Technology for Our Crisis Messaging
  • Emergency Management Initiatives for People Experiencing Homelessness
  • Disaster Supply Chain: Adjusting Our Approach to Feeding Communities
  • How GIS Is Revolutionizing Emergency Management

Day 2: April 19, 2018


Hurricane Harvey

Mark Sloan

Lessons in Leadership

Joe Castro

Moment of Truth: Ultra-Modern Society and the Catastrophic Threat

Kelly McKinney


  • The State of Emergency Management
  • Building Toward Systems of Pediatric Disaster Preparedness and Response
  • Crisis Leadership Career Lessons
  • How GIS Is Revolutionizing Emergency Management