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Pepperdine | School of Public Policy

Spring 2019 Policy Intensive with Practitioners Workshops

We are proud to announce our Spring 2019 Policy Intensives with Practitioners Series! Each session will offer a half-day workshop on specific and timely topics in public policy. We will welcome expert leaders in each field who are working, practicing, and advancing their respective fields each and every day.

All workshops will be from 11 AM to 3 PM in School of Public Policy (SPP) Room 185.
Lunch will be served and RSVP is required.

Note: The following workshops are eligible for Professional Development credit for School of Public Policy Students.  

United States Health Policy: How Did We Get Here and Where are We Going?

Friday, February 8, 2019

Lindsay Kimbro Brooker (MPP '11)
Telehealth Implementation Manager
UCLA Health 

From constantly changing federal and state legislation, differences in public and private insurers, and the tensions between payers and health providers, the Health Policy landscape is complicated for even the most savvy policy expert. The goal of this session is to give a very high-level overview of the Health Policy landscape in the United States including:

  • A brief history of insurance and healthcare in the US
  • The Affordable Care Act
  • Legislative/Policy tools to encourage the "Triple Aim +1"
  • The current landscape and policy debate


Billy Birdzell

The Last Mile: Effective Strategy Requires Tactical Reality

Friday, March 1, 2019

Billy Birdzell
Marine Corps Special Operations
Founding Member

Following World War II, military interventions have taken longer, cost more and failed to achieve the results that were initially advertised.  As the War on Terror enters its 18th year, it is essential that policy makers develop a deeper understanding of military tactics so that they can make better decisions about when and how to use force in order to accomplish policy objectives. 

Vivian Graubard

Applying Private Sector Tools To Public Problem Solving

Friday, March 29, 2019

Vivian Graubard
Director of Strategy
Public Interest Technology

While not perfect, the private sector has created many approaches to problem solving that they use to deliver the high quality services people have come to rely on and expect — from Amazon to Zelle. How can we use these approaches, responsibly, to tackle big public problems like housing foster children and preparing for natural disasters? How do can we deliver better public services while taking into account privacy and find out through an interactive workshop that will lead you through an example problem solving process from the public sector before presenting you with a problem to work on yourself.