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Connectivity & COVID-19

A Webinar Series from the Davenport Institute and ELGL

Close connection to the communities you serve sets local government apart from national or even state government. This can make the social distancing restrictions of COVID-19 feel like an existential threat. ELGL and the Davenport Institute are excited to co-host a four-part webinar series exploring how local leaders are maintaining connection, both to community and to colleagues, that will last even beyond the current crisis.

Join us as we look at:

Engagement Essentials: Meeting Public Access Obligations - Friday, April 24

What happens to the relationship between local government and residents when traditional tools of public access are off the table? Recognizing that no single platform or process can address every need in this unprecedented time, this webinar will explore strategies for fulfilling public meeting requirements during a time of social distancing. It will also invite creative local leaders to share innovative efforts and lessons learned.

Ashley Labosier, Executive Director, Davenport Institute
Margie Haupt, Arts & Culture Manager for the City of Riverside, CA 
Shannah Hayley, Director of Communications & Community Outreach, Plano, TX 

When: Friday, April 24 (11 am Pacific)
Where: Zoom Conference (details provided upon registration)

WFH (Working from Home) Team Building - Thursday, April 30

Many of us are working from home for the first time and realizing just how much we take workplace connections for granted. How do we keep our teams engaged when everyone is in a different place? What happens when some team members are juggling childcare, homeschooling, and partners' work schedules, while others may be on admin leave or working reduced hours? This webinar will explore how to maintain team motivation, identify practical tools for remote project management, and discuss creative and fun ways to build relationships and combat loneliness in a time of social distancing.

When: Thursday, April 30 (11 am Pacific)
Where: Zoom Conference (details provided upon registration)

Mastering Virtual Communications - Thursday, May 14

Prior to this unprecedented crisis, only some of our communications were virtual. Now, as a result of "shelter in place" orders across the nation, our only option is digital communication. What leading innovative techniques and strategies are being successfully used by cities? What is the line between too much communication and just enough? This webinar will explore communications strategies that are working to engage communities in the time of COVID-19.

Pooja Di Giovanna, Assistant Director, Davenport Institute
Chris Hsui, Deputy Chief of Police, City of Mountainview
Kimbra McCarthy, City Manager, City Of Mountainview

When: Thursday, May 14 (11 am Pacific)
Where: Zoom Conference (details provided upon registration)

Building Community & Rebuilding Connection - Thursday, May 21

Even at the best of times, authentic, inclusive, and effective public engagement looks very different from traditional, 3-minutes-at-a-microphone, public comment. Even after COVID-19 mandates are lifted, local government resources will be more limited, while complex issues such as housing, homelessness, workforce development, and the gig economy will only be amplified. In order to address these challenges, local governments will have to do a better job of engaging a more diverse cross-section of residents as partners in both policymaking and program delivery. The good news? Residents are hungry for community right now! This webinar will explore creative ways local leaders are investing in building community in the midst of this crisis so that their communities can come out stronger than ever on the other side.

When: Thursday, May 21 (11 am Pacific)
Zoom Conference (details provided upon registration)