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  • Arrive at 9:30 a.m. and follow signs to pick up regalia and being robing.  Lineup seat assignments are made alphabetically by graduating class.
  • Instructions will be given at the time of lineup and the line of march will be organized by the marshal and staff ushers. Graduates shall stay in order as they are ushered to the field, taking the same seat assigned to them in the assembly area. No one may enter the line of march after it has begun to move. Graduates will please watch the faculty and ushers for their cues.
  • Men should remove their caps for all prayers, the national anthem, and the pledge of allegiance.
  • During the ceremony, the dean will ask the candidates to rise and remain standing until all degrees are conferred. Upon cues from the staff ushers, graduates will march forward to receive their diploma. Graduates will enter the stage on the right side (stage left); accept their diploma jacket, pause for a photo, exit on the left side (stage right), and return to their seat.
  • For a master degree, tradition is to keep the tassel on the left before receiving diploma. Once a student receives their diploma, they would switch the tassel to the right prior to the final commencement photo.
  • Following the benediction, the program participants will exit first, followed by the graduates, and then the faculty.
  • Graduation will be crowded, so graduates should discuss with family and friends ahead of time an appropriate place to meet following the ceremony.