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25 Featured Alumni

Over the course of our 25 years, the School of Public Policy has graduated more than 1,000 alumni who are serving throughout the country and around the world in positions of influence across the government, nonprofit and policy-related business sectors. We call our alumni "Wavemakers," and for this anniversary celebration, we're delighted to feature this representative group of alums. 

Meet our Wavemakers

Eryn Witcher
Eryn Witcher Tillman (MPP '99)


Read Eryn Witcher Tillman's Bio
Hanna Skandera
Hanna Skandera (MPP '00)


Read Hanna Skandera's Bio
Almis Udrys
Almis Udrys (MPP '01)


Read Almis Udrys's Bio
Alicia Weintraub
Alicia Weintraub (MPP '02)


Read Alicia Weintraub's Bio
Negin Mosaheb-Assad
Negin Mosaheb-Assad (MPP '03)


Read Negin Mosaheb-Assad's Bio
Lance Christensen
Lance Christensen (MPP '04)


Read Lance Christensen's Bio
Daniel Hoang
Daniel Hoang (MPP '05)


Read Daniel Hoang's Bio
Nicole Neily
Nicole Neily (MPP '06)


Read Nicole Neily's Bio
Troy Senik
Troy Senik (MPP '07)


Read Troy Senik's Bio
Radu Oprea
Radu Oprea (MPP '08)


Read Radu Oprea's Bio
Hans Zeiger
Hans Zeiger (MPP '09)


Read Hans Zeiger's Bio
Kevin McGowan
Kevin McGowan (MPP '10)


Read Kevin McGowan 's Bio
Eli Steele
Eli Steele (MPP '11)


Read Eli Steele's Bio
Hattie Mitchell
Hattie Mitchell (MPP '12)


Read Hattie Mitchell's Bio
Isaac Hayman
Isaac Hayman (MPP '13)


Read Isaac Hayman's Bio
LaToya Butler
LaToya Butler (MPP '14)


Read LaToya Butler's Bio
Alain Datcher
Alain Datcher (MPP '15)


Read Alain Datcher's Bio
Ben Peterson
Ben Peterson (MPP '16)


Read Ben Peterson's Bio
Habi Zhang
Habi Zhang (MPP '17)


Read Habi Zhang 's Bio
Jeff Longust
Jeff Longust (MPP '18)


Read Jeff Longust's Bio
Brittany Tayloe Kristofferson
Brittany Tayloe Kristofferson (MPP '19)


Read Brittany Tayloe Kristofferson's Bio
Brigitta Sanchez-O'Brien Barrows
Brigitta Sanchez-O'Brien Barrows (MPP '20)


Read Brigitta Sanchez-O'Brien Barrows' Bio
Kassy Dillon
Kassy Dillon (MPP '21)


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Michael Huling
Michael Huling (MPP '22)


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