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Pepperdine | School of Public Policy

California State Auditor

Alumna Sonja Thorington - Pepperdine University


California Bureau of State Audits
Sacramento, California

MPP, Pepperdine University, 2006
Double Specialization: Economics and State and Local Policy

BA, Film and Video,
Pennsylvania State University, 2003

Traveling to New Orleans in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina to conduct research and interviews for the Policy Research Seminar proved to be a defining moment in my life. That experience illustrated gaps in policy making in one city, enabling us to see the importance of good policy making elsewhere. It is so easy in policy education to miss the forest for the trees and to forget that what we learn here transcends political affiliation, religious denomination, and cultural and ethnic background.

At its heart, public policy is about community and a dedication to the people within our local, national, and worldwide communities. I will forever love Pepperdine and the opportunity to interact with professors who are each intimidating in the scope of their knowledge and brilliant in the depth of their dedication. My time at Pepperdine presented me with a diverse education that complements the spirit of commitment to others and demands positive changes from us all in the future.