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District Director

Alumna Sara Carmack - Pepperdine University


District Director
U.S. Representative Ed Royce
40th District (R-CA)
Fullerton, California

MPP, Pepperdine University, 2002
Double Specialization:
American Politics
and International Relations
BA, History,
University of California, Davis, 2000

The professors, curriculum, and internship opportunities at the Pepperdine School of Public Policy provided me with the single most rewarding experience of my educational career. The school provides more than just a quantitative, cold look at policy it also reminds you that real people are affected by policy changes every day. Too often in society the policy experts are separated from the political experts, and neither side sees the relevance of the other's arguments. Pepperdine provides the type of education that balances the two sometimes-opposing forces and makes successful policy a reality.

In the debate surrounding various pieces of legislation, I have on numerous occasions brought the arguments back down to their most fundamental aspects, frequently questioning members of Congress on how James Madison or Thomas Jefferson would feel about their proposed amendment. By studying those who were willing to risk everything to found this great experiment on democracy, I hope to be able to develop policies one day that will honor the dreams and the legacy of those founders.