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Environmental Analyst

Alumna Johanna Falzarano - Pepperdine University


Environmental Analyst,
Project Manager
Envicom Corporation
Agoura Hills, California

MPP, Pepperdine University, 2003
Specialization: International Relations

BS, Wildlife Biology,
Colorado State University, 2001

Whether you are the employer or employee, one thing you should always demand of yourself is professional integrity. I hold my professors at the School of Public Policy in high esteem in this regard. Through their own integrity they help reinforce the principle that you will not earn, let alone maintain, respect unless you are true to your craft, exhibit sound judgment, and treat others with respect. In the end, it will be meaningless if you increased your company's bottom line, or furthered your cause's end, if you have tarnished your name in order to do so.

Whether you have simply broken appointments or been so drastic as to lie under oath, when you step out of your office for the last time, you should be proud of, and comfortable with, whatever your peers will say about you thereafter.