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Head of Zoning and Planning

Alumnus David Blechertas - Pepperdine University

David Blechertas

Department Head of Planning and Zoning
West Manchester Township
York, Pennsylvania

MPP, Pepperdine University, 2004
Double Specialization:
American Politics and International Relations

BA, History,
Lock Haven University, 2002

The longer that I am out of school, the more I value the education I received at the Pepperdine School of Public Policy. The intensity and challenge of the course work made the transition into the professional world much easier for me. This in turn helped me to advance my career goals faster than I would have expected. As my career progresses, I find that the importance of the leadership skills and moral components of the school cannot be overestimated.

Working in government is never simple and rarely are issues black and white, but with a strong foundation such as that Pepperdine instills in students, you can be successful regardless of the situation.