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Pepperdine | School of Public Policy

Deputy Chief of Staff for Innovation and Policy

Alumnus Almis Udrys - Pepperdine University


Deputy Chief of Staff for Innovation and
Policy, Office of Mayor Kevin Faulconer
City of San Diego, California

MPP, Pepperdine University, 2001
Double Specialization: American
Politics and International Relations

BA, International Business,
Hillsdale College, 1999

What can you do with a Pepperdine master of public policy degree? Everything you can do without one, with two important exceptions - contacts and credibility. You cannot buy contacts, you must earn their trust - what better way to cultivate relationships than in an intimate scholastic setting where everyone will go on to lead successful lives? The school gives you the invaluable opportunity to both know and be known.

Similarly, you cannot buy credibility. A master of public policy degree gives you a leg up in all fields impacted by the policy spectrum, from international to corporate. Additionally, where else do you actually read the books of which you have only read interpretations or summaries? I speak of the works of Marx, Adam Smith, Madison, Locke, and others. The mix of theoretical and practical disciplines has provided me with the tools to evaluate various statistical and economic arguments related to bills I analyze, while concurrently keeping in mind the philosophical and historical underpinnings of the policies each bill seeks to address or implement.