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Where Our 2015 Graduates Are Leading

School of Public Policy graduates posses a well-rounded understanding of policy analysis seen through the specific cultural and historical lenses in the places they work, across many disciplines.

Meet just a few of our graduates who are prepared to be effective public leaders and solve our toughest public problems:

Alain Datcher - Pepperdine University

Alain Datcher
BA, Communication Studies, Biola University

Community Development Specialist
City of Los Angeles/Parks Development Manager
Los Angeles, California

"My preparation from Pepperdine has really been two-pronged: The ability to address the most pressing issues impacting local governments tapered by a strong moral and ethical approach. And secondly the possession of a skill-set to address policy issues in many underserved communities."

-Alain Datcher (MPP '15)

Michael Hadley - Pepperdine University

Michael Hadley
BA, Political Science, University of Arizona

Economic Research Specialist
Valley Economic Alliance
Sherman Oaks, California

"The Pepperdine School of Public Policy has provided me with the knowledge and skills necessary to becoming truly competitive in this tough, experience-demanding economy. Because of my newly-defined analytical abilities, I excel as the economic research specialist where I meet with businesses one-on-one in order to determine ways they can expand their sales or cut their costs, thus helping to improve the regional economy as a whole. My experiences at Pepperdine, and now my job, have taken me to a new level and made it possible to make my passion of really helping people a reality. I am moving closer to one day working in the field of international economic development."

-Michael Hadley (MPP '15)

James Holcomb - Pepperdine University

James Holcomb
BA, History, Xavier University

Senior Research Associate
Gerson Lehrman Group
Austin, Texas

"The two years at the Pepperdine School of Public Policy were the most productive and fulfilling years of my life. The classes I took, along with the exceptional professors who taught them, equipped me with the ability to understand, navigate, and form solutions to some of the world's most complex problems. The entire staff and faculty works in tandem to foster an environment that promotes creativity, discipline, accountability, and professionalism. In my current role, I use my analytical and critical thinking skills to help investment firms navigate the complexities of the global economy. I was equipped with the skills I need in order to successfully navigate these issues for my clients. The decision I made to attend the Pepperdine School of Public Policy was the best professional decision I have ever made." -James Holcomb (MPP '15)

Sarah Jarman - Pepperdine University

Sarah Jarman
BA, Political Science, Pepperdine University

Research Associate
Hoover Institution, Stanford University
Stanford, California

"The School of Public Policy afforded me the opportunity to gain both academic and professional experience conducting research across many fields, preparing me for a career centered around policy research. The strong guidance of faculty and staff mentors throughout my experience in the Master of Public Policy program continues to foster a unique relationship that has positively influenced my transition into the workforce."

-Sarah Jarman (MPP '15)

Jennifer Kamara - Pepperdine University

Jennifer Kamara
BA, Africana Studies, Cornell University

Policy Analyst
U.S. Government Accountability Office
Washington, D.C.

"The core curriculum and electives I chose were absolutely instrumental in helping me as I begin my career as an analyst for the federal government. Having a base in economics as it relates to policy analysis in addition to a good understanding of the Constitution definitely helped me in my transition from programmatic work in the nonprofit sector to research and analytical-based work in Washington, D.C." -Jennifer Kamara (MPP '15)

Kiley Widelitz - Pepperdine University

Kiley Widelitz (JD/MPP)
BA, Political Science, University of California, Santa Barbara

2015 Presidential Management Fellow

Contracts Specialist
Space and Missile Systems Center
U.S. Department of Defense
Los Angeles Air Force Base
El Segundo, California

"The School of Public Policy provided me with the leadership, analytic, and communication skills that I needed to succeed during my interview and secure the Presidential Management Fellowship. Further, the School of Public Policy's diverse curriculum undoubtedly prepared me for the responsibilities I'm bound to encounter as a contract specialist, including conducting price/cost analyses, evaluating complex proposals, and working in a group to accomplish the best possible results."

-Kiley Widelitz (JD/MPP '15)