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Professional Development

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Students must participate in a series of professional development experiences each semester. The School of Public Policy hosts a range of professional development events throughout the academic year. These co-curricular activities are intended to provide both career-oriented professional preparation in areas such as job search strategies, career development, and networking, as well as hands-on opportunities to interact with leading scholars and practitioners in the field of public policy.

The Director of Career Services provides students with instructions on the Professional Development requirement at the start of each term, including the number of credits for various categories of events and procedures on how to receive credit (currently, full-time enrolled students must attend 8 credits of events by the end of the term). Throughout the term (minimum of at least once), the Director of Career Services will update students of their progress for that term's Professional Development requirement. 

Fall 2017 Professional Development credits summary (subject to change):

  • Lunchtime (less than 2 hours) event (i.e. Career Services info session, Davenport Discussion, or Ask an Alum) = 1 PD credit
  • Evening (after 5 PM) event = 1.5 PD credits
  • Day-time (ending prior to 5 PM and longer than 2 hours), day-long, or multi-day events = 2 PD credits
  • One Policy Intensive (out of the term's four) = 3 PD credits (all other attended Policy Intensives count as 2 PD credits)

*If students have questions about what credit category an event counts toward, they should email the Director of Career Services PRIOR to attending the event.*