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Internship Completion and Evaluation Form

Each student is required to complete a minimum of 240-hours with the approved organization. Hours cannot be divided among multiple organizations. Upon completion of an approved summer internship, the student must complete the Internship Completion and Evaluation Form* by the specified date in September (see "To Do" items in WaveNet).

*Note: This form requests detailed information on the duties of the position and recommendations for future interns as well as reflections on the lessons learned during the student's internship experience. The first portion of the form, "Internship Experience Responses," will be open and available for future students' internship reference. The remaining fields under "Personal Reflections" will be kept confidential and will be reviewed only by the administration and the student's faculty advisor.

Student's Information
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Year of Graduation:*
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Organization's Information
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Intern Title:*
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The following section will be made available to School of Public Policy students when searching the internship database. Please be thoughtful and frank. The information you share will not be revealed to your employer, nor will it be published for public access but only be made available within the School of Public Policy.

Internship Experience Responses
Provide a general description of what you accomplished during the internship.
What was your general impression of the program? What was good? Not so good?
Would you recommend this experience to your fellow students? Why/why not?
What advice would you offer to those seeking an internship with this same company/agency?
What, if anything, would you have done differently concerning any of your internship experience?
Do you have any additional comments you would like to share with fellow students?

The final three responses will be held confidential and will be utilized by student services personnel and faculty advisors for the evaluation and completion of each internship. Please be honest and accurate as possible.

Personal Reflections
Lesson Learned: Describe the single most important lesson you learned from your internship experience. How will this lesson inform your career decisions? Make sure you provide enough detail and context that your advisor can understand how and why you learned what you did. Response needs to be a minimum of 500 words and should not exceed 1500 words.
Course Application: Think back on your internship from the perspective of your courses during your first year in the School of Public Policy. Identify two (2) significant instances where you applied specific aspects of your coursework or found substantial relevance. Describe these instances in some detail and discuss how your training influenced your decision-making or ability to analyze and select alternatives. Response needs to be a minimum of 500 words and should not exceed 1500 words.
Leadership Example: Think about a leader you had the opportunity to observe in depth during your internship. It need not be your direct supervisor or anyone in the chain of command. Was the person an effective leader? Why or why not? What attributes of the person cause you to characterize him/ her as a leader? What would have made him/ her more effective – and why? Make sure you make a clear distinction between management and leadership. In what ways did the leadership style influence the organization and its effectiveness? Response needs to be a minimum of 500 words and should not exceed 1500 words.