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Volume V - 2012

The mission of Pepperdine Policy Review is to publish the best scholarly research, innovative policy solutions, and insightful commentary that School of Public Policy students have to offer. This journal seeks to inform policy makers, academic researchers, and the general public of ideas that will help transform public policy debate in the U.S. and abroad. All articles are thoroughly reviewed by student editors and must meet rigorous academic standards.

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Message from the Editors
Micahel Crouch and Michele Ogawa

Egypt Wrestles with Democracy: Expectations versus Realities
Melody Harvey

United States Strategy in Afghanistan from 2001 to Today
Haley Stauss

Providing Aid to Fragile or Failed States: A Short Argument for Moderation
Anthony H. Miller

The Crisis of America's Soul: How American Leaders Have Betrayed First Principles
Amy L. Kennedy

Stephen Colbert's Super PAC: A Better Tomorrow?
Shannon K. Anderson

"It's all Political, but Public Policy is Irrational"
Jaquelyn King

Citizens' Jury 2011: Combating Homelessness within the Greater Los Angeles County
Lara Arsinian

Are All R&D Dollars Created Equal?: A Look at the Effect of Federal Investment on Patent Success
Casey J. O'Neil

Estimating the Impact of Cell Phone Laws on Car Accident Fatalities
Odinakachi Anyanwu

A Memo on Social Security
Michele Ogawa

Book Review
Memoirs of a Paleo
Tulio S. de Oliveira


Articles published in Pepperdine Policy Review do not necessarily reflect the views of the Editorial Board or the School of Public Policy. The journal is published annually and accepts submissions from current students and alumni of the School of Public Policy.