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School of Public Policy to Host "The Future of American Retirement" in Washington, DC


Washington, DC—On September 25, 2018, the Pepperdine School of Public Policy (SPP) will host “The Future of American Retirement: Protecting Taxpayers from the Politicizing of Public Pension Accounts” event and discussion. This event will take place at Pepperdine University’s Washington, DC, campus at 12 PM EST (9 AMPST). 
Pete Peterson, dean of SPP, will moderate the event and panelists will discuss on the state of the public pension systems in the US. Speakers include policy experts: former Connecticut State Treasurer Christopher Burnham, Georgetown University’s research professor Kathleen Kennedy Townsend, Senior Fellow in Business & Economics at Pacific Research Institute’s Dr. Wayne Winegarden, University of Chicago’s Michael Belsky, and Brookings Institution’s Hon. Joshua Gotbaum. 
With more than six trillion dollars in unfunded liabilities, the American public pension and retirement system is in need of dramatic changes to be able to serve future generations. Movement has taken place from California to New York with attempts to push public pension funds to divest from certain sectors. This move could arguably politicize pension funds and violate a pension fund’s fiduciary duty to generate optimal returns for retirees. The panel will address these issues and others on the state of public pensions today. 
Space for this event is limited. For additional information about this event and to register, visit our event page.