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School of Public Policy to Host Annual Licata Lecture on History of American Individualism- Feb 7


The School of Public Policy will host its annual Charles and Rosemary Licata Lecture on Tuesday, February 7, 2017, at 6 pm, in the Wilburn Auditorium. Dr. Gordon Lloyd, Senior Fellow at the Ashbrook Center and the Dockson Professor Emeritus of Public Policy, will introduce his new book, Rugged Individualism:  Dead or Alive?, coauthored with former Pepperdine president and Distinguished Professor of Public Policy David Davenport, currently a research fellow at the Hoover Institution at Stanford University.

Rugged individualism is a unique component of America's DNA and a key ingredient in what makes America exceptional. At its founding, American individualism was primarily political in nature, protected by the Constitution, and fully compatible with democracy. During the Progressive Era, rugged individualism became about economics. In the past 30 years, the battleground about rugged individualism has come to include the realm of sociology. Throughout our history, American rugged individualism has had its share of ups and downs, wins and losses, since its birth at the founding of our nation and its coming of age on the frontier. Lloyd will look at individualism not primarily through the lens of psychology or sociology, but also through a political context. He will analyze the history of American Individualism, from its earliest roots in religion during our colonial period up to the present day, including current debates over individualism versus Obamacare, federal education reform, and income inequality.

Dr. Lloyd will be available to sign books immediately after the lecture, with a reception to follow. Books will be sold at the Drescher Campus Bookstore on the day of the event.

The Charles and Rosemary Licata Lecture Series was established through an endowment for the School of Public Policy by benefactors Charles and Rosemary Licata, the Licata Lecture Series unites students, alumni, and community leaders with leading academics and practitioners shaping policy matters in the new century.

More information and register, here.