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Listen: Dean Pete Peterson on Presidential Debate | KPCC AirTalk

AirTalk election 2016: The Debate Ahead and a Look at the CA Congressional Races That are Heating Up

by AirTalk

Who’s ready for tonight’s political equivalent of a prizefight?

In boxing there's the expression "styles make fights." We couldn't have a much bigger stylistic contrast than between these two candidates.

What will this bout look like? Massive numbers of us are expected to tune at 6 tonight for the first Presidential debate. What tone will Trump strike against Clinton? Will he use the in-your-face, dismissive, approach of the GOP primary debates, or tone it down? He's in real need of women voters.

Can he appeal to them tonight? Can Clinton energize younger voters? During her campaign, Clinton has forcefully argued Trump is a dangerous choice as president. How could she effectively make that case to those who are leaning toward taking the risk of a Trump presidency?

We also get the latest on California congressional races like the one between Orange County’s Darrell Issa and Douglas Applegate.

LISTEN to the segment.


Pilar Marrero, senior political reporter at La Opinion and other ImpreMedia Newspapers

Pete Peterson, dean of the School of Public Policy and executive director of The Davenport Institute at Pepperdine University

Carla Marinucci, POLITICO California Playbook reporter