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New PM Magazine Article on Public Engagement and Public Safety

This month, Pooja Bachani Di Giovanna, Assistant Director of the Davenport Institute, and Pete Peterson, Dean of the School of Public Policy, were featured in  ICMA’s PM Magazine October issue with their article, Public Engagement for Public Safety. The article highlights a growing shift in the public’s perception of public safety, and sheds light on how cities nationwide have embraced this change and are finding new ways of incorporating community voice. 

In their article,  Di Giovanna and Peterson address the problems associated with a community’s lack of trust in local government and public safety. This article examines how public trust is an essential aspect of public safety and showcases the efforts that local governments throughout the country have taken to incorporate the community in important aspects of public safety. 

If a community does not have faith in local government leadership, it impedes the effectiveness of those entrusted with public safety. Community surveys, sessions, and interviews concerning public safety are effective ways to rebuild trust in local government. Continue reading about the shift in public safety and how local governments can implement policies to incorporate the public here