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Davenport Discussion with Amanda Rotella from the City of Mountain View

amanda rotella speaks in front of students

On March 11 2024, the Davenport Institute hosted Amanda Rotella from the City of Mountain View Economic Development Division to speak to students on her professional journey and work in local government.

In college she studied to work in international relations, but her work experience in local government led her to Economic Development. She loves being a problem solver, acting as the go-between for local businesses and the city. She helps roll out policy in-practice and helps businesses operate within codes. For example, she implemented a new code for plumbing backflows for businesses. She worked with businesses to move backflows five feet from the business and construct them in ways to minimize the plumbing eyesore and tripping hazards.

She highlighted the value of the Davenport Institute’s Certificate in Public Engagement For Local Government. The principles of public engagement influence her work with businesses. She said this included thinking through public engagement solutions to retain current businesses and attract new ones to the city.

Her biggest piece of advice to students was to be committed to leadership at every level. She said it is a value and attitude you hold when you show up and less about a specific role. She emphasized the importance of being flexible in your career path, students might have a current track in mind but could find fulfilling work in another pathway that unexpectedly opens.