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In Honor of Women's History Month

The Davenport Institute for Public Engagement and Civic Leadership hosted a webinar in honor of Woman’s History Month. The event brought together a diverse group of women who have leadership at various levels of government, from state and local positions elected and staff to the United States government.

Our discussion featured a robust conversation about the barriers and challenges women face navigating a male-dominated professional space and maintaining healthy lives, minds, and families outside of work. 

Deborah Feng, Former City Manager of the City of Cupertino and Former Associate Center Director for NASA, offered unique advice on female leadership styles and her perspective working in both local government and the United States government. The advice she offered to our future female leaders in government is never to underestimate yourself and your capabilities.

Caitlin Jachimowicz, Director of the Center for Social Justice and Public Service and the Public Interest JD program at Santa Clara Law, offered insights into the rewards and difficulties of being a mother and a leader in the community. Her advice to our future women in government is this: you are smarter and better equipped to bring us into the future than you can imagine.

Megan Scheid, Deputy City Manager of the City of Roseville, helped us understand how women can lead in government and balance the pressures of work and life. Her advice to women in leadership is to be mindful of taking on too much of the quiet work that gets done in an organization.

Lydia Romero, City Manager of the City of Lemon Grove, spoke on how women can empower and lift each other up in the workplace. Her advice to our future women in leadership is to keep trying and believe in your qualifications and yourself.

Our very own Executive Director, Maureen Tobin, provided valuable support in moderating our Women’s History Month event and contributed meaningful input on various topics, such as emotional intelligence and the challenges of being a working professional and a mother simultaneously.

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