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SPP Advent 2020

Lit Christmas Tree at Pepperdine University

Welcome to the Pepperdine School of Public Policy 2020 Advent Calendar. During the month of December, we will share scripture, program news, past events, student and faculty highlights, and words of wisdom.

This year, the celebration of Advent feels particularly poignant as it is a time of waiting supported by prayer and hope. Christians are asked to place themselves in the perspective of those first worshippers who prayed for centuries for the coming—the "advent"—of the Savior promised in Scripture. On Christmas we celebrate the birth of that Messiah who arrived as a baby in a manger—quite different from what many had predicted.

This year—whether we are people of faith or not—we know what it is to wait as many of us pray for an ending to this terrible pandemic. In this we don't necessarily know what our world will look like after our hopes are realized, but we do know it will be different than before. For our students this post-pandemic world opens vast possibilities for careers in public leadership—opportunities that will demand ethical and critical decision making skills.

May this Advent season teach us all the importance of waiting, as we hope and pray for a brighter future. We hope that you enjoy and share this wonderful time with us as we celebrate the holidays and close out 2020 with hope and virtue as we go into 2021.