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Pepperdine School of Public Policy (SPP) alumni "Wavemakers" go into careers as leaders making policy changes and strategies in their community. Read some of the op-eds our alumni write in various publications.

SPP Alumni Featured Op-ed

Alma Keshavarz (MPP '13)

US-Iran Competition In Iraq

March 15, 2022
Hoover Institution Press

Leisel Bogan (MPP '06)

Crises, Technology, Information Integrity, and the Future of Policy

November 9, 2021
Harvard Kennedy School Belfer Center for Science and International Affairs

Gregory Pejic (MPP '06)

Senate Commission To Fix Defense Budgeting Is Right On The Mark

September 24, 2021
War on the Rocks

Alma Keshavarz (MPP '13)

Are Iraq's Gates Opening Wider For Iran?

June 15, 2021
The Caravan

Ben Peterson (MPP '16)

 The Church as Polis: Toward an ecclesiocentric Christian politics.

April 23, 2021
Breaking Ground

Rich Danker (MPP/MBA '10)

Was Rush Limbaugh Done with Conservatism?

February 26, 2021
American Thinker

Eli Steele (MPP '11)

The Battle for Moral Authority

January 23, 2021

Hans Zeiger (MPP '09)

A Time for Local Democracy

January 4, 2021
Front Porch Republic 

Alma Keshavarz (MPP '13)

Arab Unity in the Middle East Can Be a Barrier to Iran's Regional Goals

September 14, 2020
The National Interest

Alma Keshavarz (MPP '13)

The failed UN Security Council vote on Iran proves why diplomatic engagement matters

August 18, 2020
Atlantic Council

David Mansdoerfer (MPP '11)

The opioid crisis hasn't gone away. How proper disposal of drugs can prevent overdoses

July 23, 2020
Fort Worth Star-Telegram

Adam Crepelle (MPP '15)

Broken Treaties with Native Americans not Fixed by Supreme Court Ruling

July 16, 2020
The Hill

Alma Keshavarz (MPP '13)

The United States Needs an Iran Strategy, Not a 'Campaign'

June 23, 2020
Atlantic Council 

Ben Peterson (MPP '16)

Social Control and Human Dignity

June 23, 2020
Law & Liberty

Hattie Mitchell (MPP '12) 

Pandemic Reveals the Perverse Incentives of 'Larger is Better' in K-12 Education

June 12, 2020

Alma Keshavarz (MPP '13)

Iran's COVID-19 Response And U.S. Policy

Thursday, June 4, 2020
Hoover Institution The Caravan

Cliff Smith (MPP '07)

Republicans, Democrats and the Killing Of Soleimani: Is Appeasement Back in Style?

January 8, 2020
Middle East Forum

Todd Royal (MPP '15)

California Makes Energy a Luxury Good

November 7, 2019
Law & Liberty

Ben Peterson (MPP '16)

Thinking Constitutionally

Number 39, Spring 2019
National Affairs

Jason Ross (MPP '01)

How the Electoral College Squelches Faction

April 17, 2019
American Greatness

Cliff Smith (MPP '07)

Jamaat-e-Islami: A Danger in South Asia and the US

March 9, 2019
RealClear Defense


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