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Today's effective public leaders understand that solving our toughest public problems demands a well-rounded understanding of policy analysis seen through the specific cultural and historical lenses in the places they work. Like no other program, the Pepperdine School of Public Policy offers students this comprehensive approach to policy-making – one that connects coursework in policy assessment with instruction in America's exceptional founding principles and the timeless conceptions of government provided by the world's greatest thinkers. We graduate students who are uniquely aware that to develop sustainable policy, it must be informed by the public they serve.


Ted McAllister - Pepperdine University


(thingk) v. 1. To have or formulate in the mind. 2. To reason about or reflect on: PONDER

"My students inspire me every year to develop connections between theory and practice, between ideas and action. I know of no other school with this sort of dynamism."

Ted McAllister, Edward L. Gaylord Chair and Associate Professor of Public Policy

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Luisa Blanco - Pepperdine University


(akt) n. 1. The process of doing: ACTION. 2. Something done: DEED.

"I challenge my students to question the current system and to be able to form their own judgment and take thoughtful action on specific issues. I know that through the concepts and material covered in class, my students will be effective agents of change, play an important role in society, and will look back to the unique moral and ethical approach they experienced at Pepperdine when considering policy decisions."

Luisa Blanco, Associate Professor of Public Policy

Rod Gould - Pepperdine University


(cheynj) v. 1. To make different: ALTER. 2. To give a totally different form or appearance to: TRANSFORM.

"The Davenport Institute at the School of Public Policy is at the forefront of a wave of innovation in the way local governments relate to citizens. Its focus on best practices and emerging techniques in civic engagement gives hope to better policy-making and governance. Civic engagement is a game changer for the good and the Davenport Institute is leading the change."

Rod Gould, Former City Manager, City of Santa Monica, California

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Oluwatomi Jaiyeola - Pepperdine University


(leed) v. 1. To guide the action or opinion of. 2. To show the way by going in advance.

"I had a passion to serve and studying public policy inspired me to pursue that passion in an effective way. Today, I strive to help societies provide more equal opportunity in labor market policies, mobility of labor, and gender issues for all their citizens, from Latin America to East Asia."

Ximena Del Carpio ('98, MPP/MBA '00)

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