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Davenport Discussion Focuses on Financing Terrorism

Ladan Cher, an anti-corruption investigator, journalist, and lawyer, will lead the School of Public PolicyDavenport Discussion seminar in SPP Rm 179 on the Drescher Graduate Campus on Friday, November 3, at noon. Cher will explore the financing of terrorism in step with the changing nature of terrorism itself over time-- and the implications of such changes in combating terrorism and serious organized crime in 2017. Considering the pivotal role of funding for criminal networks, it is a lens for the broader landscape of terrorism. For example, in the wake of ISIL and the growing trend toward “lone wolf” terrorism, how is the distinction between organized crime and terrorism changing?  Cher will address such conceptual questions with real-world contexts.

Each semester at the Pepperdine School of Public Policy, the Davenport Institute hosts a series of lunchtime Davenport Discussions with practitioners, journalists, innovators, and researchers who speak to students on a wide range of issues from state and local finance to the use of technology in government to the outlook for cities in a state budget crisis and much more. These interactive sessions give students an opportunity not only to hear from experts in the field but to ask questions and make personal connections as well. For more information contact Sarah Axen.

Lunch will be served.

All Davenport Discussion sessions are eligible for one (1) Professional Development credit for School of Public Policy students.