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Audio: Interim Dean Pete Peterson on What's at Stake on Super Tuesday | KPCC

Political analysts explain what’s at stake for candidates in Super Tuesday primaries

by AirTalk

The hours are ticking away until voters in 11 states will head to the polls for Super Tuesday as hundreds of delegates are up for grabs among the remaining presidential candidates.

On the Republican side, Donald Trump continues to pad his lead over Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz as he cited a new CNN/ORC poll during a campaign stop in Virginia this morning that has 49 percent of respondents supporting him for president to Marco Rubio’s 16 percent and Cruz’s 15.

Democratic frontrunner Hillary Clinton, who is also poised to have a big day tomorrow, seems to be spending less time attacking her in-party opponent Bernie Sanders and more focusing on how to defeat the Republican Party, maybe suggesting that she’s put Sanders in the rear view mirror. The Vermont Senator would have to have a huge day tomorrow if he wants to remain relevant in the election.

What’s at stake as voters head to the polls? Who has the best chance to win which states? Is there any way for the candidates who aren’t Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton to put pressure on the two frontrunners?


John Iadarola, creator and host of the daily infotainment talk show ‘ThinkTank’ along with Hannah Cranston, part of The Young Turks Network; he’s also the main political fill in host for online news show The Young Turks

Pete Peterson, interim dean of the School of Public Policy and executive director of The Davenport Institute at Pepperdine University