Dr. Luisa Blanco Publishes "Retirement Planning Among Hispanics: In God Hands" | Journal of Aging and Social Policy

January 13, 2017  | 1 min read

Retirement Planning Among Hispanics: In God’s Hands?

Luisa R. Blanco , PhD, MBAEmma Aguila , PhD, MScArturo Gongora , BA & O. Kenrik Duru , MD, MSHC | Journal of Aging & Social Policy


We conducted a qualitative study on retirement preparedness among middle-aged and older low-income Hispanics in Los Angeles. Data were derived from four focus groups conducted in the greater Los Angeles area. Findings demonstrate how behavioral and cultural factors—family experiences, religiosity, and denial of retirement—explain the lack of savings and preparedness for retirement. Findings also indicate that the majority of participants want to be economically independent and to keep working until they are unable to do so. Participants helped their parents financially but did not feel comfortable asking their own children for help. Instead, participants placed their survival in retirement “in God’s hands.” Read the full abstract and access the full article here.