Davenport Discussion: "How Much Civic Engagement Do We Really Want?" - Oct 27

October 23, 2015  | 1 min read

Over the past 10 years, retailers, television producers, public venues, and many others are deploying technology that makes people feel more connected because they can see themselves in light of the entire group. Why are the industries concerned about civic engagement and inclusion so slow to deploy this technology during meetings? David Campt, author and civic engagement specialist will present "How Much Civic Engagement Do We Really Want?:  Benefits and Risks of Using a Simple Technology to Transform Audiences into Participants," on Tuesday, October 27, at noon in SPP 175. A light lunch will be served.

Dr. Campt will share his thoughts about why using audience polling technology—which will be used during the talk—should be considered a core competency in civic engagement. He will also discuss the way the ability to get instant anonymous feedback from groups, including historically disenfranchised voices, also raises potentially challenging questions about the nature of democracy, institutional governance, and leadership.

For more information or questions, please contact Ashley Trim.