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Financial Aid Alternative Loans

Pepperdine University also offers credit based loans to students to finance their education . These loans are available for students who either have no credit history or good credit. A student may borrow up to the cost of education, minus other financial aid. International students are now eligible for credit based loans under certain conditions. There are a limited number of lenders offering these types of loans.  Before applying for an alternative loan, students should consider all of their financing options such as personal resources, Federal Work-study, Federal Stafford and Grad PLUS loans, if eligible.

Recommended "To Do" items before applying for an alternative loan:

1. Speak to the Financial Aid office.

2. Check your credit report for accuracy and fix any errors that are found.

3. Review your budget and available personal resources.

4. Shop around for the best rates.

Lender Information

New borrowers frequently ask for assistance in selecting a reliable lender. Below is a list of potential lenders, which is intended only to be a resource for students seeking financial aid. Students are not obligated to make their selection from this list and are advised to independently research the various loan offerings and may select any lender, bank, or credit union, whether included on this list or not, that best meets their individual needs. If a student has borrowed previously, we encourage that student to stay with his or her original lender. If you do not know your original lender, visit the National Student Loan Data System to locate your lender. You will need to have your FAFSA PIN number handy. If you do not remember it, please visit the PIN website to request another one. The lenders have been selected based on their loan products, processes, and customer service (PPPS), with no one single factor being determinative.

  • Products: Educational loan resources for students that are fair, competitive, accessible, and tailored to educational needs of the borrowers.
  • Processing: Timely and efficient processing of loans, including convenience in the application process for borrowers. Customer service provided during the loan application and disbursement process.
  • Customer Service: Service provided to student borrowers, from initial contact of the lender, throughout the lifetime of the loan repayment period. Such services include dedicated customer service phone numbers for students, web-based services, and debt management programs.

Each lender's performance is reviewed and evaluated regularly, and no less than annually by the Office of Financial Aid.

Phone: 800.487.4404
Lender Code: 803000

Phone: 800.967.2400
Lender Code: 826878

Sallie Mae
Phone: 888.272.5543
Lender Code: 802218