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Lender Information

New borrowers frequently ask for assistance in selecting a reliable lender. Students should exhaust all possible Federal Title IV aid eligibility before considering an alternative loan as the terms and conditions are often more beneficial to the borrower.  Below is a list of potential lenders that have been used by our students the past three years. It is intended only to be a resource for students seeking financial aid. Students are not obligated to make their selection from this list and are advised to independently research the various loan offerings and may select any lender, bank, or credit union, whether included on this list of previously used lenders or not, that best meets their individual needs.

If you do not know your original lender, visit the National Student Loan Data System to locate your Federal Loan lender. You will need to have your FSA ID number handy. If you do not remember it, please visit the FSA ID website.

The alternative loan lenders below have been used by our students the past three years to assist with summer internships.  It is advisable to meet with he Financial Aid Office before applying for these loans.  It is recommended that students research and select one lender before applying.  Student's should not apply to many lenders as their credit score will be affected by doing so.

Wells Fargo
Phone: 800.658.3567
Lender Code: 807176                                                                                      
Product Code: 486
Wells Fargo Graduate Loan Application Disclosure

Discover Student Loans
Lender Code: 831312
Product Code: L61
Discover Fixed Rate Application and  Disclosure
Discover Variable Rate Application and Disclosure

Sallie Mae
Phone: 888.272.5543
Lender Code: 802218
Sallie Mae Application Disclosure