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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What types of careers do students secure after graduation? In which industries do they work?

We are proud to share success stories of alumni leading lives of service and leadership at the United Nations, CIA, United States Department of State, Booz Allen Hamilton, Brookings Institute, State of California, U.S. Chamber of Commerce, and the City of Malibu to name a few.

Our graduates select careers within all segments of the public sector which include state, local, and federal governments, nonprofit organizations, and the private sector. The Office of Career Services provides individualized counseling and job search support from the moment of enrollment, providing students with proactive long-term assistance that continues after graduation.

Do I have to complete an internship? If so, what is the internship requirement?

Yes, you are required to complete an internship for graduation. It is a minimum of 240 hours of substantive work in public policy formulation, analysis or implementation, typically completed during the summer, between the first and second year. Students attend a mandatory meeting in the fall with the director of career services where internship requirements, expectations, and approval processes are discussed. Internship opportunities are promoted directly via email blasts from the director of career services, in Handshake, and through on-campus recruitment events.

Where do students complete internships? Does the Office of Career Services help in the process?

Enrolled first year students must complete a 240-hour (domestic or international, ideally 8 weeks to get acclimated to the surroundings) internship the summer following completion of their first year. We have students completing substantive policy-related internships throughout across the country and internationally.

How accessible are the alumni?

Many of our alumni volunteer to speak to students about their current positions as well as internship experiences and life at school. They have offered to review resumes and consult with any student who is interested in learning more about their career paths.