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See Public Policy Differently from Here.

From our endowed Ronald Reagan Professorship to our annual Reagan Forum lecture, Pepperdine School of Public Policy uniquely appreciates our 40th President.

The Pepperdine School of Public Policy was founded almost two decades ago as a response to what was being offered on the policy school landscape. While many programs offer a technocratic approach to policy development, we invite students to consider the multiple dimensions that affect actual policy implementation. This demands a most unique curriculum, including coursework in policy analysis along with understanding policy's moral and distinctly American elements.

Pepperdine offers a two-year Masters in Public Policy (MPP) degree, and beginning with our “James Q. Wilson Core Curriculum,” students are quickly immersed into the quantitative and normative aspects of public policy, including a “Great Books” approach to moral public leadership, and a “Roots of American Order” class that surveys America’s founding principles, and how they apply to today.

While many graduate policy schools seek to make government work more effectively, at Pepperdine, students are asked to consider the role of the citizen – both individually and working through associations – in solving our public challenges. Innovative programs like our Davenport Institute for Public Engagement research and consult with local and state governments seeking to involve their residents in informed policy-making through technology and better processes.

On issues ranging from foreign policy to criminal justice reform, Pepperdine students study alongside leaders in their disciplines, and are given opportunities to work on research projects that are changing the way we see the role of government.

Providing students with the most well-rounded education available in a public policy program has been Pepperdine’s mission since our founding – to not only prepare effective policy analysts, but also leaders who will thrive in the 21st century’s complex policy environment. It's an exciting time to consider a career in public service. We offer its most unique preparation.

That’s why we say from our campus overlooking the Pacific Ocean, at Pepperdine School of Public Policy, you’ll “see public policy differently from here.”

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