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See Public Policy Differently from Here.

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While many programs offer a technocratic approach to policy graduate studies, the Pepperdine School of Public Policy uses a unique curriculum that melds empirical analysis with qualitative reasoning, inviting students to consider the moral and ethical dimensions of policy decisions and showcasing the distinctly American elements of public policy.

Our Master of Public Policy (MPP) degree ensures our graduates are prepared to become well-rounded and successful leaders in today's fast-changing public policy environment.

There are two P's in MPP and while many graduate policy schools simply focus on the "policy"– often at the expense of the "public" – at Pepperdine, students learn from policy practitioners and leaders to consider the role of and impact on the citizen in solving policy challenges.

You won't just be seeing panorama views of the Pacific Ocean from Pepperdine, you'll also "see public policy differently from here."