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Full-Day Seminars

We offer a variety of full-day seminars to help government and civic leaders improve their skills in public engagement. Our different trainings offer a solid foundation in best practices in public processes, and how leaders can assess their current efforts, and evaluate the level at which to engage their residents. All seminars are aimed toward mid- and upper-level management and leadership.

Full-Day Offerings

  Public Engagement: Designing and Leading and Effective Process

In this full-day, highly interactive seminar, participants will go beyond the "what" of public engagement and into the "how", learning important process design and facilitation essentials. Specifically, attendees will:

  • Experience different ways to conduct public meetings
  • Increase understanding of the positive possibilities of public engagement
  • Gain understanding of what makes public engagement "good" or "bad"
  • Learn value of "stakeholders" and a framework to better identify and "recruit" them
  • Be introduced to the key elements of facilitative meetings that are part of an overall process
  • Discover how to design a process that works based on experience and the latest in "brain science"
  • Develop a sketch of a plan for a public process including different levels of engagement, stakeholders to involve, and an overall process plan including timelines, goals, phases and outcomes.

This seminar was developed by Davenport executive director Pete Peterson and Mary Gelinas of the Cascadia Center for Leadership

  Customized Full-Day Seminars & Trainings

In addition to our three standard trainings, the Davenport Institute can customize a half-day or full-day public engagement session to fit the particular engagement needs of your government or organization. Past customized trainings include those for:

  • Public Safety/ Police
  • Planning Departments
  • Regional Governance Associations

Who Should Attend

  • City Staff (City Managers, Planners, etc.)
  • Elected Officials (Mayors, Council Members)
  • School District Leaders (Superintendents, School Board Members)
  • County Staff and Officials
  • Regional Governance Leaders (COGs)

Want to Host a Training?

For more information about bringing a Davenport Institute full-day or half-day training session to your municipality or organization, contact our team.