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Research Reports

The Changing Face of the San Fernando Valley

Joel Kotkin & Erika Ozuna



A project of:

Pepperdine University - School of Public Policy
The Economic Alliance of the San Fernando Valley


"In tackling these challenges, the Valley's leadership must work not only to address these issues but do so in a way that stresses the common challenges an increasingly diverse population faces. There is no Latino housing crisis, or Armenian crime problem, or Vietnamese education deficit. These are common problems faced by all Valleyites; they can only be solved by this community acting as one."

Special Thanks To: Jennifer Seuss, Karen Speicher, Val Aslanyan, Luci Stephens, Talar Aslanian, Gregory Ponds (Master of Public Policy Candidates – School of Public Policy) James Wilburn, dean, School of Public Policy, as well as Jon Kemp, Tami McKelvy, Sheryl Kelo and Marie-Ann Thaler, all of Pepperdine University; David W. Fleming, Robert L. Scott and Bruce D. Ackerman of the Economic Alliance of the San Fernando Valley.

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