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The Davenport Institute consults with municipal governments throughout California that are looking for support in either designing or facilitating a public process. Over the last decade we have developed a diverse network of policy-specific consultants that we qualify and connect with particular opportunities. The Institute also contracts directly with municipalities to help them manage and lead a public engagement effort.

We understand that some issues – due to their "radioactive" nature, and difficult history – demand an independent voice to facilitate public discussions that can focus on finding common sense solutions. We also know that engagements need to occur at the stakeholder and broader public levels, and different skills are needed to lead each of these conversations.

Since our first "Online Public Engagement Grant Program" in 2010, we have also developed a comprehensive set of relationships with Gov 2.0 platform vendors - from budget visualization to online public engagement. While we don't/won't earn a commission, we're happy to recommend a particular supplier for your particular situation.

In particular, we have consulted with municipal governments throughout California on the following issues:

  • Budgets
  • Land Use/Zoning
  • Water Policy
  • Program Prioritization


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