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What Students are Saying

Vincent Beerman (MPP/MBA'07)

Vincent Beerman - Pepperdine University

Powder Cam

After learning that I could continue my MBA pursuit while adding an MPP, I looked thorough the School of Public Policy's course offerings. History, morality, law, and liberty suddenly seemed so much more important than accounting, marketing, or even that six figure salary. So I walked into the School of Public Policy, full of brilliant professors and passionate students, who all cared about one thing more than all others: a better future for us all. My experience at the School of Public Policy was profound and made me reprioritize my goals after graduation.

Julia Gonzales (MPP '08)

Julia Gonzales - Pepperdine University

Assistant Director Federal Relations
UCLA Government & Community Relations

The School of Public Policy (SPP) at Pepperdine University offers students a robust university community dedicated to the University's motto: "Freely ye received, freely give." A testament to the strength of the Pepperdine community in service to others—is their strong interest in supporting, guiding and caring for its students. Recently, the importance of community hit home for me, as the Malibu area, including Pepperdine University became engulfed by wildfires at the end of 2007. My home amongst, the countless other Malibu area homes was destroyed by the fire. While I struggled to recover from this staggering experience, the Pepperdine community including the administration, faculty, and students came to my aid with kindness and support—it is from this experience that I fully believe that any student who attends SPP will not only be gaining excellent education, but will also become a member of a larger Pepperdine family that is devoted to the founding father Pepperdine's firm belief in service: "Freely ye received, freely give."

Troy Senik (MPP '07)

Troy Senik - Pepperdine University

Program Director
World Affairs Council

Being at Pepperdine made me a better thinker and a better writer. The fact that I now have an office across from the West Wing is directly attributable to the brilliant professors and talented classmates who sharpened my abilities during my time in Malibu. No other University could have adequately prepared me for the task of finding the right words to defend the core values of western civilization—economic freedom, hostility to tyranny, and the notion of abiding, transcendent moral truth.