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RealClearPolicy Series

In the new RealClearPolicy series, writers and scholars—through a collection of essays—grapple with the core tenets of the American Project from various points of view guided by the conviction that by getting back to first political principles we can better understand and respond to our present political moment.


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It's Time for a 'Conservatism of Connection'

Pepperdine School of Public Policy dean Pete Peterson reflects on America's loneliness and defines "conservatism" as building connections upon the past, future, and to one another.


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The Quest for Political Community

RealClear Media Group's managing editor M. Anthony Mills approaches politics in the community by reflecting on the past and yearning for a place of common ground for the future.


 Real Clear Policy - Renewing Localism

Renewing Localism for the 21st Century

American Enterprise Institute's director Ryan Streeter positions concerns and goals toward renewing localism in America.


 Real Clear Policy - Tocquevillian Nationalism

Toward a Tocquevillian Nationalism

Modern Age's editor Daniel McCarthy addresses the question of loneliness in America by comparing its history during the Tocqueville movement.



 Real Clear Policy - Introduction to the Series

Reclaiming Our American Project

An introduction to RealClearPolicy series by the editors.


 Real Clear Policy - Politics in Ruins

Politics in Ruins

Liberty Fund's Richard M. Reinsch II looks to Walker Percy's novel "Love in the Ruins" for help in understanding what ails our political community.




 Real Clear Policy - New Conservatism

Do We Really Need a New Conservatism?

The Claremont Institute's Ryan P. Williams argues that a conservatism grounded in the principles of the American founding should build on, rather than repudiate, Trump's rise.


 Real Clear Policy - Conservatism in the Age of Millennials

Conservatism in the Age of Millennials

Michael Hendrix urges conservatives to stick to their principles, which "speak to the longings for community and connection," rather than "jettisoning beliefs unpopular among young voters simply to win them over."