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Master of Public Policy


Fall Semester Spring Semester
The Roots of American Order: What is Public Policy Political, Organizational, and Strategic Aspects of Public Policy Analysis
Ethical Dimensions of Public Policy: Great Books and Great Ideas Applied Economic Analysis of Public Policy II
Applied Economic Analysis of Public Policy I Elective Course
Applied Research Methods in Public Policy Elective Course
Fall Semester Spring Semester
Elective Course Policy Seminar (Capstone)
Elective Course Elective Course
Elective Course Elective Course
Elective Course Elective Course

Students select an area of specialization:

Elective Course Offerings

Public Policy and Economics

  • Global Economics
  • Economics and Policy of Science and Innovation
  • Environmental and Natural Resource Economics
  • Applied Econometrics
  • Law and Economics
  • Urban and Regional Economics
  • Public Finance and Public Choice
  • Labor Economics
  • Development of American Economic Institutions and Policies
  • Seminar in Economic Policies (Selected Topics)
  • Applied Methods
  • Criminal Justice
  • International Aid
  • Social Policy

Public Policy and American Politics

  • The Political Biography of a New Policy
  • Public Policy and Social Regulation
  • Environmental Regulation, Business, and Society
  • Federalism and the Progressives
  • Immigration Policy
  • Public Policy and the Family
  • Public Policy and Religion
  • Public Policy and Education in America
  • Seminar in Political Issues (Selected Topics)
  • Public Policy and Political Economy
  • Opinions, Passions, and Interests
  • Public Policy in Modern America
  • American Democratic Culture
  • Strategy and Rhetoric in of Presidential Campaigns
  • American Strategies in World Politics
  • Contemporary American Ideologies

Public Policy and International Relations

  • Statecraft from Machiavelli to Kissinger and Beyond
  • The World Leadership Role of the United States
  • Studies in United States Relations with Other Nations
  • Business-Government Cooperation
  • National Security and Freedom
  • Region-Specific Studies
  • Global Migration and International Relations
  • Seminar in International Relations (Selected Topics)
  • International Institutions and the New Diplomacy
  • War, Strategy, Democracy, and Politics
  • Comparative Democracy and Federalism
  • International Conflict Management
  • Contending Approaches to International Politics
  • Prudence in Politics
  • Contemporary Issues in American Foreign Policy

State and Local Policy

  • Regional Policies: Southern California as World Microcosm
  • Policies Past and Present: The History and Wealth of Cities
  • Policy Relationships of State and Local Government
  • Urban and Agricultural Policies
  • Regional Governing Institutions
  • The Financing of Local and Regional Government
  • Permissions, Development, and the Environment
  • Seminar in Regional Policies (Selected Topics)

Master of Public Policy Educational Objectives