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Grants Supporting Public Engagement

Because public engagement can lead to better-more sustainable policy solutions, it is often the more cost-effective alternative (certainly a better option than pushing an unpopular decision through and ending up immersed in expensive lawsuits!).  However, there are costs associated with a well-constructed and well-conducted process and these can be intimidating for communities that are still in the early stages of institutionalizing civic engagement. 

The Davenport Institute seeks to support communities by offering funded-service grants to off-set the cost of consultants and outside facilitators in designing and implementing a vibrant civic engagement process. 

Since 2008 (then as Common Sense California), our annual grants have supported cities, counties, special districts, and civic organizations endeavoring to engage their residents on issues ranging from budgets to land use to public safety and more.

In 2014, we launched an additional grant in partnership with The Village Square, to help communities improve the local civic dialogue and support an ongoing, constructive relationship between government and citizens around various issues for years to come.