Lakewood: Transparency and Accountability

It may remain to be seen whether the Lakewood Accountability Action Group will prove the solution to transparency and engagement problems in this small California City, but if the organization is able to draw from a broad base of the community (and not just attract a few gadflies), it could be the start of a new culture of engagement in the city: 

With just over 80,000 residents, the city of Lakewood doesn’t get a lot of media attention, said Hanson. That’s why the organization and site were created, to help shed some light on some important local issues.

“No one is really interested in this stuff unless they see it’s something that could impact them directly. Folks aren’t educated enough to really know how system works. The average human being that works, has kids, doesn’t have the time for this. They can stand maybe a half an hour a week of this kind of stuff. People are not interested about listening and doing something about government problems because they figure all they have to do is vote for someone and that someone is supposed to handle the problem,” said Hanson.

You can read more at California Forward

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