Building Capacity Through Partnership

The New America Foundation blog takes a look at how continued cuts to municipal budgets is putting the squeeze on Cities throughout California.  But there are ways of filling the gap: 

Local governments everywhere are seeking ways to increase capacity through additional human capital, process improvements and technology efficiencies to deal with the increased workloads and decreased workforce. And it is with this dire impetus to provide better and more accessible services that the CCIP’s partnerships have an opportunity to build capacity within municipalities. Partnerships, or collaborations among community organizations, business, academia, and local government staff, provide opportunities for city employees to leverage additional resources on their projects. If leveraged effectively, such partnerships can offer cities increased expertise, additional staff hours, financial support, and engagement from the community.

The article goes on to describe how San Francisco is building partnerships with local tech innovators to make San Francisco a smarter city.  You can read more here.

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