South Gate: Helping the Park

Hollydale Regional Park in South Gate has been a bit neglected lately due to budget cuts.  The city’s second largest park has been unable to properly maintain native landscaping.  But earlier this month volunteers turned out to help fill the gap: 

Native California plants can grow in dry conditions and do not need as much care as other plants that are not indigenous to the area. But they do require maintenance.

“The one fallacy that people believe is that California plants don’t require any care,” said Adams. “As you can see from what they are doing here today, [California native plants] do overgrow and they do require some pruning.”

The project was organized by park staff, the South Gate Young Professionals and Amigos de los Rios, a regional nonprofit focused on park improvement: 

Some residents of South Gate came out to help cut and plant at the park.

“We have to put time and effort into our own community to keep it alive,” said Analilia Anaya, 36, who also brought her two children. “We have a hidden treasure here.”

Other volunteers also came because of their sense of ownership of Hollydale Regional Park; they said it is special to them and want to make sure it received the treatment it deserved.

You can read more at the South Gate Patch here

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