Labour: Pragmatic Radicalism

A view from the next generation of Labour:

n opposition, Labour is undergoing an intellectual renaissance. Sadly, much of it seems to be replaying the Blair/Brown/left dialogues of the past. Even if it isn’t, the blinkered media (many of whom made their careers upon spreading each camp’s smears) want it to be.

Pragmatic Radicalism, a series of snappy articles by Labour’s next generation, attacks the aridity of the past, and attempts to break out from the Blair/Brown rut we found ourselves in.

Luciana Berger MP launches the project tomorrow in committee room 12 of the House of Commons alongside Lord (Stewart) Wood, Ed Miliband’s strategic adviser, and the editor John Slinger, who if there is any justice ought to be in the next intake of Labour MPs.

Read more about the Labour article here.

One thought on “Labour: Pragmatic Radicalism

  1. John Slinger

    It’s nice to see a California university picking up on something activists like me in the British Labour Party are doing. I hope you find the pamphlet interesting –
    Best wishes,
    John Slinger
    Editor, Pragmatic Radicalism: Ideas from Labour’s New Generation


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